Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Walk-in refrigerators, freezers, coolers and dry-storage units.
We’ve got the perfect walk-in for any situation, including: Bars Pubs & Nightclubs – Beer Coolers, Convenience Stores, Floral – Floral Refrigerators, Food Banks & Pantries, Grocery -, Storage & Merchandising, Hunting – Meat & Game Lockers, Residential Bars – Brew Caves, Mortuary – Body Boxes, Restaurant – Foodservice Walk-Ins, and Warehouse – Cold Storage Buildings
Walk-Ins can be customized, re-sized, and re-purposed. We can build you whatever size you need and install it for you as well.
The Walk-In you need is just a phone call away. Give us a ring at 623-340-8643.

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